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Our partners made the right choice because now they bring meaning to their data.

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Big Data to Solution

For many years, we are told to gather the big data. But it has no use if you don't know how to make that data work. With Formica, you can turn your big data to any kind of solution related your specific business. Formica makes your data works and it is securely accessible from anywhere you want.

Business-Ready Workflows

Formica has a user-friendly interface. The tool is quite fast to implement with the sets of business-ready workflows. The drag-and-drop feature lets you draw your workflow in a few minutes, and you can also use workflow templates prepared for your business needs.

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Automate your data and workflow with low-code UI.

Formica helps you automate any data within a few clicks. You can integrate Formica with almost any tool so you can save time by automating your work. Start now focusing on agile automation that your customers and company needed to.

Limitless Data Streaming

Formica has the latest tech stack, and it provides near-infinite scalability with horizontal scalability and nearly 1-1 ratio for performance/size. The tool can auto-scale, so you can be sure you will never lose your data.

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Real-time Machine Learning

Applies out of the box models to your streaming data.

Mobile Reporting Application

Formica has a mobile app version that shows your data in charts and notifications based on how you want to see. Its easy user interference lets you reach the data you want to see first. And you don't have to update the app every time you create a new reporting or dashboard; you can easily customize any mobile reporting from the desktop.

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Reporting screens

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Dashboard templates

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Notifications - scheduled or user-based

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Real-time synchronizing

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No-code required

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Formica Fraud

Alarms are a great way to keep track of fraud activities. With FormicaBox, it is crucial to detect and identify the unusual behaviours that can happen through the flow process. The unusual behaviours may include significant payment transactions, operations that happen in uncommon hours, and so on.

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Alarm management

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Manuel & auto actions

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Strong reporting based on alarms

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Easy rule definitions

Supporting and connecting any platform, easily.

We know that finding the right tool is difficult. Formica easily integrates with web apps and tools to help you get the most from your data. So you can stream limitless real-time data from almost any platform you like to.

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